About Us

Matt Jones

I’m a Performance Nutritionist currently working as Director of Sports Nutrition at University of Oregon, where I met Jace. Fortunately Jace shares similar interests to myself and I instantly knew that our work would compliment each other’s. Thus this website was born.

While I’m primarily interested in the application of diet and nutrition as it relates to the improvement of health, well-being and body composition and enhancement of adaptations and performance in team sport athletes, my interests are wide reaching across almost all athletic endeavours.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented athletes and learn from some incredibly knowledgeable practitioners in my short time within professional sport, this alongside my on-going interest in all things nutrition and my daily appetite to improve as a practitioner has propelled my career thus far.

Prior to moving to Oregon I worked with Stoke City Football Club in the English Premier League and supported the Saudi Arabian Football Federation in their qualification for the 2018 World Cup. My private consultancy has also included work with EXOS, the UAE Armed Forces and professional athletes from sports as far ranging as Olympic Table Tennis, to those a little closer to home such as rugby union.

Throughout my academic career I became fascinated by the potential for baking powder to improve performance, I mean, baking powder? While I plan to continue my research in this area I’m also interested in finding out more about the more intricate aspects of nutrition and its impact on the body, things such as nutrition and neurotransmitters and such like. However, I don’t let that interest cloud my vision and I’m well aware that in almost all cases the fundamentals – energy, the macronutrients and hydration – win.

I hold an Undergraduate Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, alongside a Postgraduate Degree in Sports Nutrition and various industry related qualifications and registrations. My PhD plans are underway, but life has thus far done a good job of slowing that down.


Jace Delaney

I’m a Sports Scientist presently working as the Sports Science Coordinator with the University of Oregon’s collegiate football program. Originally from Australia, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Newcastle, before moving on to complete a PhD in GPS analytics with the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) at Victoria University. My PhD focused on match running performance in a range of team sports, including rugby league, rugby union, Australian football and soccer, and I was lucky enough to collaborate with a number of great practitioners and researchers throughout this period.

As part of my undergraduate program, I undertook an internship with a professional rugby league team, the Newcastle Knights. This position evolved into a full-time job, and until June this year I held the position of Head of Sports Science at the club. Being one of the not-so-wealthy clubs in the competition, we were limited for resources and staff, and therefore a lot of what I was able to do was self-taught through a lot of reading and a lot of YouTube videos. I developed an interest in a little tool called RStudio, which I’m sure has made my life a whole lot easier as I progress through my career (though I still seem to be playing with it every single day).

My interest and knowledge in the area of GPS analytics has led to a small amount of consultancy work with various sporting teams from around the world, a venture, which I share with my former PhD supervisor, Dr Grant Duthie. His guidance throughout my academic career has been invaluable, with the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from him being how to sift through the bullshit! As a result, my academic and professional career has focussed on providing real, simple and usable tools to compliment a training program.

We hope that this focus comes across and that it stimulates some discussion and debate.